Plastic Surgeon - How To Choose The Right Surgeon To Provide You With A Perfect Smile

You may be wondering exactly what a plastic surgeon does on a regular basis. There are actually two schools of thoughts when it comes to the work of a plastic surgeon. One school of thought is that plastic surgeons fix patients' looks purely for their economic benefits, while another school of thought believes that the patient's happiness and satisfaction with the results of their surgery are more important than the amount of money they earn. Because there are mixed opinions on the exact work scope of plastic surgery, we've asked plastic surgeons across the country the same question: Which surgical specialty would you say is your most fulfilling?

The majority of plastic surgeons responded by saying that they had a favorite general surgery specialization, but it wasn't reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery deals with fixing physical deformities caused by accidents or disease. Breast augmentation Los Angeles surgeons deal with such things as heart attacks, strokes, birth defects and facial disfigurements. Since there are mixed opinions about what constitutes "reconstructive surgery", we asked plastic surgeons to describe the type of work they do most often.

Overall, the most common procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon fall into three categories. Eyelid surgeries, such as blepharoplasty (correcting the shape of the eyes) and blepharoplasty (correcting the shape of the eyelids) are very popular. Breast augmentations and rhinoplasty (nose correction) are also common, as are procedures to reduce the size of breasts or the appearance of them.

The field of plastic surgery isn't limited to fixing physical deformities. Some surgeons specialize in performing hair transplants and hair removal. Many plastic surgery Beverly Hills surgeons also perform procedures to enhance the appearance of the skin, such as Botox injections and collagen treatments. Skin creams and face lifts are other popular services, as well. A good cosmetic surgeon can provide a comprehensive list of their most popular procedures.

Many plastic surgeons offer services that don't require the knife. Some will perform plastic surgery in a doctor's office using an electrosurgery machine. Others will perform procedures over the phone using video technology. Still others will use their own surgical suits to perform cosmetic surgery in a variety of settings, from a hospital to the privacy of your own home. Whatever services you need, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

When faced with the decision of whether to have a procedure done by a doctor or do-it-yourself, take the time to interview several potential doctors. Find out what kind of experience each one has in this field. Ask them to tell you stories of their past patients who had a procedure performed by them. Ask them to provide references and referrals. Above all, make sure you feel comfortable with the idea of having a procedure performed by a licensed physician. See page, visit

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